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We are the industry’s leading provider of biosafety, animal, and human research software solutions for complex regulatory environments 

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Our suite of integrated applications enables automated workflows from every step of the research process. From protocol reviews, staff training, and animal procurement to census, billing, and veterinary care, TOPAZ Technologies can help you maintain accurate data and run your facility efficiently 


Ensure the welfare of animals at your facility while improving operations. 


Protect the sanctity of your research while improving the accuracy of your program. 


Maintain health and treatment records with detailed reporting 

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Our team of support specialists collectively has decades of relevant research industry experience and hands-on TOPAZ Elements knowledge. Feel confident you are talking to an expert that can help you get the most out of your software. Need assistance? Submit a ticket or give us a call at 800-479-2498.

More Than


40 Years



With more than 40 years of innovation, experience, and unparalleled service, TOPAZ Technologies has helped improve the accuracy and efficiency of organizations around the world by providing comprehensive, intuitive, and robust software solutions.  


Each of our solutions is tailored to the specialized needs of the Biosafety, Animal, and Human Research industries. 

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