Affordable Compliance and Facility Management software for smaller sites

TOPAZ and our fellow vendors in the Compliance and Animal Facility Management software market share certain problems with other software vendors in highly vertical, “niche” markets. The software is often complex, and user expectations are high, but the market overall is relatively small (compared to applications for the general public).  The end result of this, in our and other industries, is that the cost of this type of enterprise software is relatively high.  This can be a problem for smaller institutions and companies who want to take advantage of the software, but can’t justify the cost of a license.

To help with this, TOPAZ offers Elements Cloud.

This offering gives the customer access to all the end-user features of Elements, but at a more affordable “annual subscription” price.  The system is hosted in an advanced data center provided by our parent company, removing any IT headaches.  The implementation process is simplified, making use of many pre-defined templates, leading to a faster, lower-cost implementation.

Using this approach we’ve worked with customers with as few as 8 protocols and 40 cages.  This is a great opportunity for smaller university programs and growing biotecs to gain all the advantages of highly sophisticated enterprise software, with minimal overhead and great affordability.  By using Elements Cloud, systems will already be in place as your research needs grow.


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