Animal Billing

Animal Billing provides a simple way to manage transactions, track project costs, and generate online bills for researchers. When integrated with the TOPAZ Operations Suite, it allows for the easy collection of animal purchases and per diems, while accommodating a wide range of manual transactions used to track a wide range of project costs.

Key Features

  • Automatically collects animal purchase costs from Animal Orders.
  • Automatically collects per diem costs from Animal Census.
  • Automatically collects service costs from other TOPAZ applications.**
  • Allows per cage and/or per animal per diem calculations.
  • Sends automated email notifications.
  • Allows researchers to review transactions.
  • Provides secure, online draft bills for review by researchers/administrators.
  • Allows tracking of costs using system and user-defined parameters.
  • Powerful transaction searching capability including user-defined parameters.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities.
  • Optional audit trailing and e-signatures.
  • Provides a variety of user-defined filters for viewing costs by researcher, account, location, protocol, project, therapeutic area, and more.
  • Integrates with 3rd party accounting systems via web services.*
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