Animal Breeding

Colony Management Made Easy

Why Animal Breeding?

With TOPAZ’s Animal Breeding software, colony managers can assign, update, and reconcile work duties for colony staff while maintaining accurate generational data.

Keep a complete breeding history for your entire colony while also scheduling and tracking of injections, matings, litters, genotypes, phenotypes, and pedigree data.

Key Features
  • Track essential colony breeding data including cryopreserved embryos
  • Set up recurring matings and view pedigree data in graphical hierarchies
  • Perform comprehensive searches for data
  • Track genotypes for individual animals
  • Schedule gestation- and weaning-based events

    More Possibilities For Precise Colony Management

    Precise Record Keeping

    Track generational data, record insemination and weaning dates, and create and print cage cards. Such exact control allows you to prevent inefficiencies such as unnecessary breeding or redundant input.

    Seamlessly Transfer Data

    Whether you are processing samples yourself or uploading 3rd party result data, Animal Breeding removes unnecessary redundancy from your workflow while making data accessible to your team from various Elements modules.

    Assign Tasks To Your Team

    Users can arrange for breeding cages to be set up by others using the Request Breeding functionality. Also, Animal Breeding software offers optional user features like Private Strains, in which investigators and their staff can manage strains that only they use. 

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