Animal Census

Animal Census provides a comprehensive solution to your institution’s laboratory animal census needs. Using TOPAZ Technologies’ advanced grid displays and data management solutions, Animal Census provides researchers and animal facility staff with an intuitive and powerful tool to create, manage, record, and report on animal census for your facility.

Key Features

  • Advanced grid with user-defined columns and census sort orders.
  • Create cages and animal IDs from deliveries and weanings.
  • Split cages by number of cages or by the number of animals per cage.
  • Search census data quickly with saved filters.
  • Edit cage and animal information on demand.
  • Track cage and animal history.
  • Display staff-specific dashboards.
  • Print / reprint cage cards.
  • Print prospective reports and retrospective usage reports.
  • Sync with mobile census to record barcode and RFID counts.
  • Integrates with Animal Protocols, Animal Orders, and Animal Billing software.

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