Training and Training Data

The need for training when using animals in research is ubiquitous. Almost every topic in the Guide includes the word “training.” The AALAC FAQ page mentions “training” 13 times, including under topics as diverse as respirator use, use of invertebrate animals, and enrichment practices. Those of us who have worked hands-on with animals know that …

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TOPAZ & Data Security: Encryption

Encryption involves the “scrambling” or encoding of data so that it can only be read via the use of an encryption “key”.  From our perspective, there are two flavors of encryption—encryption of the data streams and “encryption at rest”. Encryption of the data stream prevents “snoopers” from stealing data as it travels through the Internet. …

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TOPAZ and Data Security

Data security within systems like Elements is a multi-faceted topic. When prospects or customers come to us with questions, the areas covered can include encryption, authentication, access control, e-signatures and audit trailing, physical security, and even disaster recovery. Such topics are not quite as newsworthy as spyware attacks on WhatsAPP, but are important to our …

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