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A Biosafety Webinar!

As described in previous blog posts, the TOPAZ Elements Biosafety Protocols module can make a significant contribution to your compliance activities, make life easier for your PIs, and remove communication friction within and between your compliance committees. To share these exciting opportunities with you, we’ll be hosting a webinar Wednesday, February 27th. During this webinar, we’ll …

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TOPAZ Reporter – Design Services

TOPAZ Reporter allows you to design and run an infinite range of reports based on your Elements data. To output a simple listing report is quite easy, but often we see customers with very specific report requirements, and sometimes these reports can be rather tricky to produce. This is a reflection of the balance between flexibility, …

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What’s New with TOPAZ Reporter

TOPAZ Reporter is a module of the Elements suite that provides a very powerful, ad-hoc report-building tool and gives you access to data from all the other Elements modules. In the last year, we’ve added some great features to Reporter such as: Additional staff information. This was requested at our annual User Symposium meeting when we asked …

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The Scoop on TOPAZ Reporter

As mentioned in the previous blog post, TOPAZ Reporter is a module of the Elements suite that provides a very powerful ad-hoc report-building tool. Reporter provides the customer with the ability to generate a wide range of reports covering compliance, facility operations, and animal health data that can include a host of advanced features such as …

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Strategies for Reporting

Providing reports for users of software applications can be a difficult compromise for software developers. There is no point collecting data if it cannot be reported in a useful way, yet every user has their own ideas and requirements for reporting.  There is also, to some extent, a trade off between the flexibility of a system, and …

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