TOPAZ Reporter – Design Services

TOPAZ Reporter allows you to design and run an infinite range of reports based on your Elements data. To output a simple listing report is quite easy, but often we see customers with very specific report requirements, and sometimes these reports can be rather tricky to produce. This is a reflection of the balance between flexibility, …

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Strategies for Reporting

Providing reports for users of software applications can be a difficult compromise for software developers. There is no point collecting data if it cannot be reported in a useful way, yet every user has their own ideas and requirements for reporting.  There is also, to some extent, a trade off between the flexibility of a system, and …

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RFID and other Cage Technologies

The use of RFID technology to ease the tracking of cages in the animal facility has taken a long time to take off.  It was at least 15 years ago when TOPAZ presented RFID technology to our Annual User Conference in the full expectation that within a few years, everyone would be using it!  In practice the …

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Disaster Recovery for Research IT

One topic our customers often consult us on is disaster recovery/business continuance. These are actually similar, yet distinct, subjects. From a high level, one deals with the IT function of rapidly restoring systems to serve the needs of the business. The other deals with the business continuing to operate after a loss of computing resources (while …

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Affordable Compliance and Facility Management software for smaller sites

TOPAZ and our fellow vendors in the Compliance and Animal Facility Management software market share certain problems with other software vendors in highly vertical, “niche” markets. The software is often complex, and user expectations are high, but the market overall is relatively small (compared to applications for the general public).  The end result of this, in our …

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