Configurable versus Custom Software Solutions

Determining the best software for your organization can be tricky. here are a few common factors to consider when evaluating whether a configurable solution or a custom software is the right fit for your institution.



  • Flexible to meet your institution’s evolving needs with many integrations readily available.
  • Process changes are done quickly by the user. Add modules, or request additional modifications to suit your workflow any time.
  • Robust customer support comes standard. Most issues are resolved quickly.
  • Extensive training available to aid and enhance software’s features and usability.
  • Built upon rigid, direct specifications. Out-of-the-box solution is what you get. 
  • Changing processes requires lengthy development. As regulations change, usability becomes more of an issue. 
  • Comprehensive support is costly and takes additional time to train someone on your instance.
  • Costly and time consuming to develop new features or enhancements. Few, if any, integrations or add-ons available.

TOPAZ Elements offers a configurable solution. Flexible to meet your current needs while delivering out-of-the-box enhancements, modifications, and integrations that are easy to implement as your organization grows. 


Which option will work best for your organization? Learn more about how TOPAZ can help by emailing or requesting a demo today!

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