Cost Accounting

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Our new Cost Accounting software provides a powerful toolset to calculate, quantify, and justify your organization’s per diem rates, in order to facilitate break-even operations and maintain NIH compliance. Cost Accounting uses a simple, fast-entry interface, along with complex algorithms to calculate per diems from transactions and census data collected during routine use of other TOPAZ Elements software.

Feature Highlights

  • Accommodates the variation in workload between cage types.
  • Easily enter cost transactions for purchases, services, and more.
  • Accommodates both direct and indirect labor transactions.
  • Control distribution mechanism per transaction (manual or care day-based).
  • Generate per diems for your choice of time period.
  • Delivers per diem rates calculated per location and cage type.
  • Reports show details of the transactions, distributions, and calculated rates.
  • Integrated with TOPAZ Elements Animal Census to provide precise care day data for calculations.
  • Keyboard-centric interface to maximize entry speed and minimize clicks.
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