Cost Accounting

Quickly Calculate Per Diems

Why Cost Accounting?

Our Cost Accounting module provides a powerful toolset to calculate, quantify, and justify your organization’s per diem rates, in order to facilitate break-even operations and maintain NIH compliance.

Cost Accounting uses a simple, fast-entry interface, along with complex algorithms to calculate per diems from transactions and census data collected during routine use of other TOPAZ Elements software like Animal Census or Animal Billing.

Key Features
        • Accommodates the variation in workload between cage types.
        • Easily enter cost transactions for purchases, services, and more.
        • Accommodates both direct and indirect labor transactions.
        • Control distribution mechanism per transaction (manual or care day-based).
        • Generate per diems for your choice of time period.
        • Delivers per diem rates calculated per location and cage type.
        • Reports show details of the transactions, distributions, and calculated rates.
        • Integrated with TOPAZ Elements Animal Census to provide precise care day data for calculations.

Multiple Facilities? No Problem!

By entering your transactions, the Cost Accounting Module tracks all costs across multiple facilities over specific periods of time. You can categorize and distribute transactions in order to accurately report on current spending. Then, view as a summary or at a granular level to find the details you need. 

  • Feed/Diet 
  • Bedding 
  • Equipment 
  • Utilities 
  • Examples Of Labor Transactions 
  • Technician Time 
  • Administrator Time 

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