Elements v 4.3

TOPAZ officially releases v 4.3 of Elements on Friday July 27th.  We’ll be working with customers to implement the upgrade over the coming weeks.

Version 4.3 continues our recent focus on enhancing both the Veterinary Management module and the TOPAZ Reporter module.  In this version, you will be able to access Vet Management data within Reporter, to design reports to analyze health issue, drill into health histories, create dashboard views of animal bodyweight graphs etc.  The possibilities are endless!

The Reporter data will include task dates, responsible staff, and statuses.  Results from task forms and grids are also available within Reporter, in an easy to use, de-normalized schema.

Also, as part of the 4.3 project, we implemented the Vet Management “Dev2Prod” tool.  This is our name for the tool we use to copy configurations from a customer development environment over to the production environment. This allows us to use the DEV environment to get all the VM task templates, forms and grids set up and validated, and then use the tool to automatically migrate them over to the production environment.

As always, customers can refer to the release notes that accompany the installation to get the full list of enhancements and defect fixes that are included in the release. We’re excited about the 4.3 release and hope you will be too!