Help for the IBC: Using TOPAZ Elements for Biosafety Compliance

The Biosafety Module of TOPAZ Elements can significantly help with compliance needs for those institutions receiving NIH funding. And, best of all, if you are already an Elements customer, you may already own this module! 

Some of the main features for the IBC that are of particular importance (integration of committees, searching of protocols for audits, etc.) were discussed in an earlier post, but there is more! 

Biosafety Module Benefits

Just like its siblings, the Animal and Human Protocols modules, the Biosafety module ensures that you have comprehensive documentation of all your reviews—from individual reviewer comments to meeting minutes—with a full “audit trail” of the life of each protocol.

If you do receive an audit, the Review Detail Report is perfect for providing all the details of the review for a given protocol submission to the auditor. It will show all the reviewer assignments, any reviewers comments, any e-signatures associated with the protocol, and any notification emails that were generated as part of the review. Every individual submission is retained as part of the Protocol History and can be searched and compared against other versions.

Easy & Practical

There are also some practical considerations. Having an online system such as TOPAZ Elements makes it much easier for your non-affiliated members to access protocol submissions, record any comments they have, and be prepared for meetings. Sharing an interface “look and feel” with the IACUC and IRB systems also makes life much easier for your PIs.

Again, if you are already an Elements customer, you may already own the Biosafety module and just need some implementation services to get started! Contact us at to learn more.

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