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Human Protocols is designed to meet the regulatory and legal requirements of the 20 federal departments and agencies for human research, and the 2010 version of the AAHRPP Accreditation Standards and Evaluation Instrument for Accreditation. Our Human Protocols application sets the standard for achieving and maintaining compliance during clinical trials.


  • Manage Multiple Review Assignments
  • Control IRB Review Access by Role and Protocol
  • Comment on Question, Section, or Protocol
  • Collaborate Online with Other IRB Reviewers
  • Compare with Previous Protocol Submissions


  • Build Custom IRB Protocol Forms
  • Manage Informed Consent Forms & Brochures
  • Submit, Review, and Approve Protocols Online
  • Copy, Amend, and Renew IRB Protocols
  • Attach Files and Links to Protocols
  • Perform Text Searches Across IRB Protocols
  • Track by Exemption / Expedited Categories
  • Track by Vulnerable Subjects


  • Schedule Agendas for IRB Meetings
  • Draft and Finalize Meeting Minutes Online
  • Add Links and Attachments to Meeting Minutes
  • Check for Meeting Quorums Automatically
  • Check for IRB Reviewer Conflicts of Interest

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