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The TOPAZ Elements suite of software solutions is tailored to address the unique needs of professionals in complex regulatory environments.

From PIs to Doctors, Administrators to IT, Elements works to streamline communication for all roles in any research organization to provide accuracy, scalability, and accountability.

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Whether you are an IACUC administrator looking to improve data tracking, a facility manager aiming to reduce overhead costs, or an attending veterinarian wanting to enhance your workflows, TOPAZ has a solution that will fit your needs.


Data accuracy and security is important when you are an institution sharing systems across multiple facilities. Having integrated tools can help everyone from Doctors to Compliance Officers to Admins keep up to date without sacrificing valuable research time.


Your committee requires clear justification that a given software will help you maintain compliance and Good Lab Practices (GLP) across your facilities. TOPAZ Elements offers robust reporting across all functions to help you make accurate, informed decisions about your resourcing and staffing needs.

Pharma / BioTech

Streamline protocol submissions, approvals, and documentation processes across multiple locations. TOPAZ’s integrated suite of software solutions facilitates efficient communication with researchers and simplifies record keeping, which leads to smoother operations and enhanced research oversight.

Contract Research (CROs)

In addition to the rigors of maintaining data continuity for compliance, keeping precise records for billing is tantamount. TOPAZ Elements offers robust billing, tracking, and reporting options to keep your organization’s record keeping timely and accurate.

Find the Right Software

Sourcing the right software for your organization’s needs can be a daunting task. TOPAZ wants to help. Read our guide to purchasing software for step-by-step instructions on how best to find, research, and secure the right software for you. 


40 Years Experience

With more than 40 years of innovation, experience, and unparalleled service, TOPAZ Technologies has helped improve the accuracy and efficiency of institutions around the world by providing comprehensive, intuitive, and robust software solutions.  

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