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Our team here at TOPAZ Technologies is excited to announce the newest edition to the TOPAZ Elements Suite: Animal Breeding. TOPAZ Elements encompasses all the tools you need to efficiently and effectively manage protocols. Now with the addition of our new Animal Breeding Module, you can leverage your existing census data and improve workflows throughout your institution.   

About Animal Breeding

This new module is designed to close the loop on data in Elements or your current laboratory animal management system by allowing mission critical information to quickly and easily transfer between Protocols, Census, Billing, Orders, and Breeding.

Robust colony management software can help you save significant amounts of time and energy by streamlining your processes and recordkeeping. Input responsibilities can be delegated to laboratory staff, animal care staff, or to the Principal Investigator saving you administration costs in addition to improving your processes.  

Since it was built using our Elements framework, implementing Breeding into your existing instance is fast and seamless. Consistent with the rest of TOPAZ Elements, Breeding has configurable e-mail alert options, e-signatures, and audit trails. 

Features Included

Animal Breeding gives you granular control over your colony management, allowing you to enhance your reporting and improve precision of your animal records.


This module includes functions such as: 

Precise Record Keeping

Track generational data, record insemination and weaning dates, and create and print cage cards. Such exact control allows you to prevent inefficiencies such as unnecessary breeding or redundant input.

Assign Tasks to Your Team

Users can arrange for breeding cages to be set up by others using the Request Breeding functionality. Also, Animal Breeding offers optional user features like Private Strains, in which investigators and their staff can manage strains that only they use. 

Seamlessly Transfer Data

Whether you are processing samples yourself or uploading 3rd party result data, Breeding removes unnecessary redundancy from your workflow while making data accessible to your team from various Elements modules.

Request a Demo

Animal Breeding works for colonies of any size. With
Elements’ robust reporting capabilities, easily show pedigree, genotyping, and
more with a click of a button. From start to finish, Animal Breeding is an
essential addition for any animal laboratory setting.

Interested in how Elements Breeding can work for you? Email or click here to request a demo.

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