Running an animal facility brings daily challenges. You have an obligation to serve your research community customers efficiently and effectively, but also to ensure the welfare of the animals, while motivating and retaining your staff, managing your operating budget and ensuring effective use of space.


Technology can help you meet these challenges by ensuring census accuracy, smoothing the daily workflow of your technicians, and by providing researchers and managers direct access to relevant detail and summary data.

A robust system can promote efficient use of PI’s or departmental funds, allowing grants and budgets to stretch further. It can also help with compliance and accreditation reporting, allowing you to focus more of your time on your staff, your customers and the animals.

Solutions for Operations

Animal Billing

Generate invoices for investigators including for animal purchases, per diems, and manual transactions. 

Animal Breeding

Maintain breeding operations including scheduling and tracking of matings, litters, genotypes, and pedigree data. 

Animal Census

Manage colonies, cages, and animals; create cage cards and track using scanners (i.e., barcode scanners).

Animal Orders

Manage the animal procurement process from submission by investigators to animal receipt and cost entry.

Cost Accounting

Manage costs and rates through entry of transactions and the distribution of costs based on system data.

Software to Fit Your Needs

Our suite of integrated applications enables automated workflows from every step of the research process. From calculating per diems, tracking genotypes, and animal procurements to census, billing, and veterinary care, TOPAZ Technologies can help you maintain accurate data and run your facility efficiently.

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