Small Facility

Managing compliance and operations for a smaller program brings it’s own share of complications.  You need processes that are easy to learn and bring low overhead, but that can grow with you as your program grows.

Technology can help you manage compliance and operations, and enhance animal welfare even for small numbers of protocols and animals.  By streamlining your administrative processes and providing just the data that you need, the right system can allow you to focus on the needs of the researchers, your staff and the animals.

Having that system implemented by experts who have seen compliance and operations processes at dozens of programs worldwide ensures an easy ramp-up with proven results, allowing you to focus on growing your program, satisfying your research community and empowering your staff.

Elements Cloud

Software can allow you to confidently face the challenges of running a compliant and efficient research operation.  Whether you are focused on the IACUC or on facility management, working on AAALAC accreditation or ensuring your per diems are accurately billed, software solutions can provide assurance and efficiency.  For smaller institutions however, the cost of these systems has been a barrier.

Now TOPAZ is offering Elements Cloud, a centralized application suite offered as a subscription lease that gives you the service of an enterprise-level compliance and operations management system, at an affordable price.   This unique offering provides the same centralized compliance and operations management solution, but at a fraction of the price. It also offers the advantage of eliminating your IT burden, as it is a cloud hosted service. Further benefits include:

– Quicker, easier implementation than anything else on the market

– No administrative overhead

– Guaranteed up-time and security.

Next year TOPAZ celebrates it’s 40th anniversary, and we will continue to focus on the needs of our customers, with resources that enable ongoing innovation and the highest performance possible for you and your team, even at the smallest facilities.

Call your TOPAZ representative today to find out how our Elements Cloud can put first class compliance and operations management well within your reach.


1421 W. Wells Branch Parkway, Suite 107
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1421 W. Wells Branch Parkway, Suite 107 Pflugerville, Texas 78660-3230

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