Staff Training

Staff Training provides institutions with the tools to record and monitor staff qualifications, course registrations, and completions. When integrated with the TOPAZ Compliance Suite, Staff Training allows protocol reviewers, PI’s, supervisors, and training coordinators to view and manage staff competencies and ensure compliance with institutional and regulatory requirements.

Key Features

  • Create and manage competencies and other qualifications
  • Track expiration of qualifications.
  • Schedule and manage training classes.
  • Allows departmental and PI administrators to manage their staff.
  • Optionally allows staff to manage their own course registration and completion
  • Links training records directly to protocols for easy review.
  • Provides email alerts for new courses, course results, and renewals / expirations.
  • Allows the attachment of certificates and other documents to training records.
  • Powerful filtering and reporting capabilities.
  • Provides competency and course dashboards for quick reference.
  • Integrates with third party tools via web services.*

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