The Importance of Regular Software Health Checks

Purchasing laboratory management software may seem like the obvious fix for an institution’s productivity. Robust software that streamlines processes and improves workflow are highly valued and touted as a must-have for any organization with an animal research program.

However, the work doesn’t end once the software is installed and users are trained. Over time, software updates, changing technical specs, and the addition of new users necessitate a re-evaluation of how that solution is being leveraged.

TOPAZ Technologies offers a variety of services to augment and enhance the efficacy of our software solutions. Specifically, our Health Check service helps to determine areas of improvement, additional needs, and redundant processes that may be negatively affecting an institution’s productivity despite having a software solution in place.

What is a Health Check?

Health Check is a service provided by TOPAZ Technologies in which your usage of the software is evaluated. During this process, a specialist from TOPAZ shadows users and makes recommendations to improve usage of TOPAZ software. This can include suggesting additional modules to fill a gap in productivity, updating to a newer version of the software, or identifying a need for additional training. 

When do you need a Health Check?

If any of the following applies to your organization, a Health Check may be needed: 

  • You haven’t had anyone from the TOPAZ team on-site in more than two years.
  • You have new people on your team utilizing Elements.
  • You are seeking AAALAC accreditation.
  • You’re nervous about an impending regulatory audit.
  • Users are siloed and there is suspected breakdown in communication between modules.
  • You’re not regularly using all of the modules you have invested in.
  • You can’t remember the last time you updated your software.
  • You feel like you are doing more things outside of Elements than inside of Elements.

Learn more About Health Check

Health Check as a service is tremendously useful to organizations that currently utilize Elements or those are interested in switching to Elements. In our next blog, we will go over the different approaches for conducting a Health Check as well as dispel some common misconceptions. 


Ready to begin your Health Check today? Contact our sales department or complete this form to get started. 

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