TOPAZ Marketing Efforts and The Power of Interns

As you may have noticed over the past few months, TOPAZ has been focusing considerable efforts on improving our customer engagement and interaction. This has been an exciting summer for TOPAZ, as we have conceived and thoughtfully developed our presence on numerous social media outlets, including twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Beyond simply building awareness of TOPAZ, we have had the wonderful opportunity to interact with fellow companies with similar missions to improve animal and human research. We have also utilized social media as an avenue to show our support for the customers we’ve connected with, recognizing their research endeavors and applauding their successes.

We began with our Veterinary Management Campaign, with the development of an informative webpage and went on to feature a customer experience case study (thanks to our wonderful clients at Vanderbilt), mass email campaigns to existing customers, informative blog posts, creative social media promotion, and a successful webinar. Based on the success of our VM Campaign, we mirrored many of these efforts in our promotion of the 4.3 upgrade. Our primary concern when promoting the upgrade was understanding our clients’ baseline satisfaction levels and pain points, communicating improvements provided by the upgrade, and identifying any unaddressed space in between.

Our current campaign is focused on supporting and building our small facility clientele through promotion of our Elements Cloud software. We are determined to reassure facilities of all sizes, needs, and budgets, that software and support from TOPAZ is well within their reach.  We are also in the process of promoting and managing attendance to our User Symposium after the 2018 AALAS National Meeting in Baltimore this October.

In terms of our plans for the future, we have worked closely with our parent company, Cultura Technologies, in developing our marketing strategy and long-term marketing plans. We intend to maintain an active presence on our social media accounts, continue to produce meaningful and relevant blog content on a bi-weekly basis, and improve the accuracy with which we distribute our email campaigns via our current CRM service.

Our marketing intern, Shelbey, a post grad from UT Austin, has undertaken much of this work.  This is the second summer we’ve hired an intern for the Marketing team and the results have been most gratifying.  TOPAZ plans to continue to work with one or two interns each summer, to help us meet some of our business objectives but also to provide valuable experience to students of marketing, business or application development.  We wish Shelbey, and our other intern, Hannah all the best in their future careers!