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TOPAZ Reporter allows you to design and run an infinite range of reports based on your Elements data. To output a simple listing report is quite easy, but often we see customers with very specific report requirements, and sometimes these reports can be rather tricky to produce.

This is a reflection of the balance between flexibility, capability, and ease of use. TOPAZ Reporter is a very powerful tool, and while we try to focus on ease of use (for example, de-normalization of the database), it is an inherent characteristic that you sometimes need to use advanced capabilities to get what you want.

TOPAZ can provide training of course, but the range of capabilities in the tool is huge and no one can be an expert in all of it. As an alternative, TOPAZ also offers Report Design services.

If you have a report that you would like us to build into Reporter for you, we are happy to do so. We simply need a copy of your data (since things like form structures and question names are unique between our customers) and, most importantly, a design for the report you want!

We’ll need to know what data you want to see, what the layout should be, and any charts, formulae, etc. that you would like.

Our advantage within TOPAZ is that, if there are aspects of your report that our services staff are stumped by, we also have access to developers who inhabit this shadowy world of joins, functions, and formulae every day. If necessary, we can even add data or change data structures in the database to allow us to build the report you need.

If you are interested in this service, please contact and we’ll be happy to help!

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