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We’ve posted a lot recently about TOPAZ Reporter, the new features included, and some ideas of strategies to help you make useful reports. But, you really need training to use the tool itself.

Reporter allows you to select data from a relational database and present it onto a page (real or virtual), but it can do so much more than this! To make almost any report beyond the most basic listing, you’ll need to know about report sections, headers and footers, grouping, how to deal with duplicate rows, database joins, and formatting. Advanced users can then get into the depths of functions, formulae, drill downs, and crosstabs.

TOPAZ offers training for the Reporter module. As is the case with many of our modules, “generic” training is useful, but not always the most effective approach.  Because the Reporter data reflects your own specific settings and forms used within Elements, the best training is customized to your data.

Training can be provided remotely via Webex, at your site, or even on-site at the TOPAZ offices in Austin. We recently did a two-day session for three individuals from one customer here.

If you would like more information about these training services, please contact us at We are happy to help!

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