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The responsibility for animal health and welfare in a research facility involves numerous challenges.  In addition to caring for the animals themselves, you have to keep accurate health and treatment records, manage the animal vendors, participate in the protocol review process and manage your team of vets and vet techs.

Technology can help you meet these challenges by automating the tracking of health records and cage movements.  A well-chosen system can improve the daily workflow of your staff, helping with both efficiency and staff retention.  It can also help with compliance and accreditation reporting, leaving you with more time to focus on your primary customers – the animals.

Our veterinary management module provides veterinarians, technicians, and management staff with the power to schedule and track animal care information on a daily basis.

  • Streamline communication of health issues and expectations to researchers
  • Allow for more timely interventions
  • PIs have better visibility and control of spending
  • Improve accuracy of billing for veterinary services
  • Increase job satisfaction and improve staff retention
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