Having the right software in place is an important component in running a research facility efficiently. However, there are some areas in which software may need additional support. 

That is where TOPAZ services come in. TOPAZ Technologies offers a variety of services to further support, enhance, and streamline our client’s usage of Elements.  

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Enhance TOPAZ Elements With These Services

Web Services

Integration tools to help you import or export mission-critical data into TOPAZ Elements. 


A secure hosted environment for your instance of TOPAZ Elements, allowing for scalability and greater data security.

Health Check

An in-depth analysis of your current usage of TOPAZ Elements to help you improve workflows.

About Web Services

TOPAZ Offers a variety of Web Services to support your use of Elements. Whether you are looking for enhancements or integrations, our team can cover your needs. 

TOPAZ Hosting

Security and scalability are the top concerns for IT professionals in the health and research industry. TOPAZ provides comprehensive off-site cloud hosting which allows organizations to create secure processes that protect against data loss. 

Additional benefits include:

  • Prevent downtime during software updates or power outages.
  • Gain remote access to your research data.
  • Protect against data loss due to user error or natural disaster.
  • Save hundreds of hours on server maintenance or data recovery annually.
  • Eliminate Machine maintenance.
  • Have backups of your instance of Elements.

Plan A Health Check

Already a TOPAZ Customer? Has it been more than 2 years since your implementation? Do you feel like you could improve your utilization of Elements?

TOPAZ Health Check is the answer. Our team reviews your current workflows to suggest changes in procedure, recommend when additional training may be needed, and educate you on new functions and features that may have been released since your implementation. Learn more about the benefits of conducting a health check by reading our recent this recent article.


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