Using Elements in Support of AAALAC compliance

The majority of TOPAZ customers have their AAALAC accreditations, and even of those that do
not, most are working toward it. It is not unusual for us to have meetings and
project schedules pushed back by our dear clients due to “inspections” or
AAALAC reports being due. We understand that achieving and maintaining your
accreditation is a non-trivial task, and we try to be fully supportive!

On the flip side, there are several ways in
which TOPAZ Elements can truly
assist with your AAALAC compliance activities:

  • Creation and maintenance of
    parts of the Program Description
  • Easily produced documentation
    for support during scheduled and drop-in visits
  • Enforcement of good protocol
    content and review processes
  • Help in compliance with aspects
    of “The Guide”, including housing policies and record keeping

In some cases, we find that new customers
have purchased Elements specifically as part of their process to become
accredited. This is helpful because use of a software application, while not a
requirement, makes many aspects much simpler. It can also directly affect parts
of the Program Description, which would potentially have to be re-written if
software was implemented post-accreditation.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll look in more
detail at some of the ways Elements can really help make your AAALAC compliance

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