Veterinary Management – Using software to improve health and manage cost in the animal facility

Recent releases of TOPAZ Elements have incorporated a number of significant enhancements to the Veterinary Management module and we’re proud to report that a number of our customers are now reaping the benefits of this module as part of their health issue management strategy, integrated with their animal facility management software – TOPAZ Elements.

When we surveyed our customers in 2017, providing the best possible care for the animals in the facility was one of the most important work objectives, not only for vets, but also for operations and compliance managers.   Accurate billing and effective management of cost was also a highly prized objective.  In one recent university implementation of the Vet Management module, the primary objectives were defined as follows;

  • Communication of health issues and expectations to the researchers.  This can directly improve animal care based on timely interventions, but also allows the PIs to control their spending more closely (this facility allows the research teams to treat their own animals in many cases).
  • Improving efficiency for the facility staff.  For them, staff retention and job satisfaction within the facility is the most effective way to ensure the quality of animal care and running of an efficient program.
  • More accurate and timely billing.  When veterinary services are billed to the PI, having the costs captured directly and billed as part of their monthly facility bills allows more efficient processing, more visibility for the PIs and better cost recovery.

In future posts we’ll discuss the application of tablet technology to the collection of health data, ways to work with the almost infinite flexibility of the Vet Management module and the joys of colorful cage cards!


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