What’s New with TOPAZ Reporter

TOPAZ Reporter is a module of the Elements suite that provides a very powerful, ad-hoc report-building tool and gives you access to data from all the other Elements modules.

In the last year, we’ve added some great features to Reporter such as:

  • Additional staff information. This was requested at our annual User Symposium meeting when we asked the attendees for some “wish list” items.  You now have the power to design reports that include more demographic information about staff members that are protocol associates, animal owners, etc.
  • Inclusion of VM data. With the Veterinary Management module being implemented at many of our customer sites, the addition of VM data into Reporter was a huge priority early this year. We’ve been able to keep the data structures simple, but with access to a huge range of data based on your custom forms, grids, and tasks.
  • Inclusion of a Report Starter Set. We have developed a set of example reports to share with customers who undertake Reporter training. These reports may be useful as-is but are also intended to provide examples of techniques that you can use when building your own reports.

In the coming year, we plan to continue enhancing the Reporter module. Some possibilities include:

  • Addition of Staff Training data
  • More details about locations that could be included in reports covering items like cage census, for example
  • Additional report building options, including a “quick report” mode that will allow easier construction of simple reports

If you’d like to explore TOPAZ Reporter further (and many of you already own it), let us know! We are happy to discuss training services and the Report Starter Set.