Managing research compliance requires focus on research issues, staying up to date with changing regulations and maintaining consistency.  Balancing the protection of the subjects with responsiveness to your researchers, serving your committee members and avoiding violations is a challenge.

Technology can help you meet these challenges by easing administrative overhead, maintaining engagement among your staff and enhancing communication, both within your committees and with the research community.  A sound software solution allows you to focus on compliance and the welfare of your research subjects.

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Animal Protocols

Animal Protocols sets the standard for engaging, comprehensive, and intuitive animal research software solutions for online IACUC protocol management.

Biosafety Protocols

Biosafety Protocols sets the standard for comprehensive and intuitive software solutions for online IBC protocol management.

Human Protocols

Human Protocols is designed to meet the regulatory and legal requirements of the 20 federal departments and agencies for human research, and the 2010 version of the AAHRPP Accreditation Standards and Evaluation Instrument for Accreditation.

Staff Training

Staff Training provides institutions with the tools to record and monitor staff qualifications, course registrations, and completions.

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