TOPAZ 2019 – Year in Review

2019 Was Kinda Nuts…

The perpetually novel landscape of biomedical research is well suited to the dynamic environment of software development. The kinetic energy of both disciplines proves a challenging and rewarding space. In 2019, there were significant breakthroughs in the treatment of prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, sickle cell anemia, and even the cantankerous kindergarten curse: peanut allergies.

Arguably, TOPAZ’s 2019 wasn’t quite as nuts, but for a small Austin, Texas software solutions provider, we also had some significant achievements. After nearly a decade of use, we refit and deployed the first of many product modules­–the Protocols suite–in HTML 5. This new architecture will allow us to continue to improve our dynamic graphic user interfaces in more web-based applications, including mobile environments.

A Year of Enhancements

We also released several enhancements to our client favorite TOPAZ Reporter product. The addition of more staff demographic information was a popular user request at the 2018 symposium and was incorporated into 2019 releases. Similarly, the inclusion of Veterinary Management module data was incorporated into the Reporter database to augment the wide range of canned reports.

The Client Care team has been able to leverage “starter” reports that are prefabricated to improve end-user utility and accelerate the training process. Finally, the TOPAZ development team was able to leverage some web report features to unlock more power via increased customization for experienced Reporter users.

TOPAZ also made significant strides in integrating Animal Breeding functionality into the TOPAZ Elements suite of products. Current functionality includes creating and maintaining cages, matings, liters, and weaning, as well as genotyping and pedigree functionality. The seeds of this work will germinate the first half of 2020 with the commercial release of the Animal Breeding product.

Client Care

Client Care also had a fruitful year with the onboarding of additional resources to improve client support and services opportunities including doubling our installation capacity for those making the move to Elements 19. Additionally, Client Care enhanced service offerings including the ability to pre-purchase service hour blocks, custom training videos and content, disaster recovery options, and new product support service options to better tailor our clients’ needs with our industry expertise.

In addition, we began offering on-site and remote Health Check services. These services allow clients the ability to have their product use and associated processes reviewed by TOPAZ engagement managers to assist institutions in maximizing product functions, improve associated processes, and improve staff competencies, thus providing opportunities to increase your organization’s return on investment.

Welcome to the Family

Last but certainly not least, 2019 also saw the introduction of several new clients into the TOPAZ family seeking to leverage the utility and domain knowledge of TOPAZ’s products and service team.

In a nutshell, as we reach our 40th anniversary as a software solutions provider in the biomedical research space, TOPAZ Technologies is proud to continue to serve an active role in removing impediments to the biomedical research community so you can continue your focus on improving the health and welfare of people and animals.

Thank you for a great 2019 and we wish you a prosperous new year.

Aaron Plante – GM, TOPAZ Technologies

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